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Midweek Deals 18-24/3/18

Kunal Tejwani (@RaggedFountain5)



I’ll try and make this the quickest midweek wrap up ever. Basically we got a massive steam sale centered around games nominated for GDCA, and IGF Awards. Origin is holding a miner easter sale and if you’re looking for some of their big titles for cheaper than usual now is the time. Along with that Humble Bundle is having sale on all square enix titles, and have a new Jumbo Bundle. Further in depth break down below.



As mentioned above there is a massive sale on games that were nominated for the GDCA and IGF awards. There is a plethora of games that range from small indie titles to titles that really take graphics, and story to the next level. The notable titles list has some games that have gotten outstanding ratings and I’ve heard nothing but good things about, but this isn’t the only good games on sale and it is highly suggested you go take a look for yourself.

Notable Titles:

Echo 40% off, was $24.99 now $14.99

HELLBLADE: Senua’s Sacrifice 30% off, was $29.99 now $20.99

Cuphead 15% off, was $19.99 now $16.99

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus 50% off, was $59.99 now $29.99

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard 25% off, was $29.99, now $22.49

Assassin’s Creed: Origins 40% off, was $59.99, now $35.99

Mortal Kombat XL 66% off, was $19.99, now $6.80


Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle currently has the Jumbo 11 Bundle. It holds a few games such as Tropico 5 and N++. Though the big sales this time is the Square Enix sale they have in their Humble Store. Nearly all of Square Enix’s recent releases such as Nier Automata, Deus Ex, and more is on sale for a fraction of the price. Square Enix makes some of the best story driven and immersive games. I highly suggest taking a look.


For once Origin actually has some deals worth mentioning. It is their easter sale. Though perhaps some of these games have fallen off the grid for you once the hype train died? Anyways if you’re looking for a Triple A title to brighten your library look at these deals.

Notable Titles:

Battlefield 1: Revolution 67% off, was $59.99 now $19.99

Star Wars Battlefront 2 60% off, was $59.99 now $23.99

Need for Speed Payback 60% off, was $59.99 now $23.99

Fifa 18 67% off, was $59.99 now $19.99

TitanFall 2: Ultimate Edition 67% off, was $29.99 was $9.99

Mass Effect: Andromeda Deluxe Edition 50% off, was $29.99 now $14.99

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