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Midweek Deals: 25-31/3/18

Kunal Tejwani



It has been a pretty long week for me. It probably feels like a pretty long week for a lot of people. Anyhow there is always deals to fill that need for a new game or to assist in killing time. As always Steam has a plethora of deals, Uplay has deals for most popular ubisoft titles as Far Cry 5 has just dropped. Humble Bundle has two good looking bundles along with a indie sale in their store. Origin has no deals worth mentioning.



Far Cry 5 has just launched on both steam and uplay but besides the banner on steam, don’t forget about the midweek deals they have. It is a pretty low key week, although plenty of Square Enix titles are on sale and are worth checking out. Also a new multiplayer pack has been published containing all sorts of party games, worth checking out. Here is your list!

Notable Titles:

Rise of the Tomb Raider 67% off, was $59.99 now $19.79

Outlast 80% off, was $19.99 now $3.99

Outlast 2 66% off, was $29.99 now $10.19

Just Cause 3 75% off, was $29.99 now $7.49

Ultimate Chicken Horse 34% off, was $14.99 now $9.89

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided 80% off, was $29.99 now $5.99

Move or Die 50% off, was $14.99 now $7.49

Grand Theft Auto V 50% off, was $59.99 now $29.99

Bioshock Infinite 75% off, was $29.99 now $7.49

Tomb Raider 85% off, was $19.99 now $2.99


Perhaps because of the Far Cry 5 release, a massive amount of Ubisoft’s popular titles are on sale for a decent percentage off. Maybe because it is Ubisoft’s spring sale. Anyhow if you are a fan of Far cry, Rainbow Six, or perhaps it is about time to get into Watch Dogs, or For honor now is the time to check out Uplay.


Humble Bundle

If you are a fan of Indie devs and publishers check out their sale and perhaps add another game to your collection. There are so many titles in this sale that you may as well check out the entire page. Here is the link to the indie sale. The Bundles seem alright but the sale seems to be worth it the most. There is the Humble Indie 19 Bundle that contains titles such as superhot and Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. The Jumbo Bundle 11 contains Tropico 5 and a few other titles.

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