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We have the pleasure of announcing Pannari as the latest addition to our Rainbow Six: Siege line-up, replacing Taiga who will be departing to focus on his personal life. We wish Taiga all the best in his future endeavours, he will be greatly missed by the team. Pannari will be transferring from ENCE on good terms.


Pannari is very popular amongst the Rainbow Six community, coming from great successes in ENCE and very well known for his cooking talents! After a disappointing placement during Season 7 Pro League, he believed it was time to move on and try something new. He is a strong player, very adaptable and brings a lot of pro league experience to an already strong line-up which will give them the means to progress towards next seasons Pro League. He has much to offer the team and we are excited to see him in action. We have high hopes for our new line-up and we are happy that Pannari will be joining us on our journey.


I’m very excited to be a part of T3H eSports from now on! With my experience I hope to bring this team to a next level, and I see immense potential in what the line-up is capable of achieving – Otto ‘Pannari’ Heikkinen


He will be joining the team in June at Dreamhack Austin and the next challenger league season.


  • I loved your performance from the first time I watched you play! I fully support your decision and am very happy that you were able to leave ENCE on good terms with the entire team being nice enough to support your decision I cannot wait to see your performance in the Dreamhack and the challenger league!

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